FForm is an easy-to-use and powerful tool to fill and sign documents digitally and provides instant access to documentation stored in DigiRecord.


We’ve designed the app to be self-explanatory but also a comprehensive manual is available on request via info@thompres.com.


  • If you’re experiencing problems with your account, first verify that you can login to DigiRecord using the Chrome browser. If you cannot login using the Chrome browser, please contact Pro Management via 0031104517676 or info@promanagement.nl
  • If you need guidance on DigiRecord, go to help.pmonline.nl
  • If you need guidance on the FForm PDF Viewer, read the PDF Viewer’s user interface elements
  • If you need guidance on other parts of FForm, or if you’re experiencing problems with this App, please contact support@thompres.com

NOTE: We have optimized the App performance by loading 50 files at a time. If a dossier/folder has more files, it may not be visible in this App. We will solve this issue in the near future.


Need help with creating a Fillable PDF Form? First read the instructions on www.fform.com. Any other questions? Contact support@thompres.com


  • Website FForm: www.fform.app 
  • Website DigiRecord: www.digirecord.nl
  • Website Thompres: www.thompres.com
  • Website Pro Management: www.promanagement.nl